Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer bar

Basalt fiber reinforced polymer bar

Basalt fiber reinforced polymer bar is a kind of composite polymeric building rebar. The basis of this rebar is basalt, an enduring substance of volcanic origin. Use of this rebar brings about essential savings.

Basalt fiber rebarBasalt fiber rebarBasalt fiber rebarBasalt fiber rebarBasalt fiber rebar

Advantages in comparison with metal rebar

— It is more reliable, its tensile strength is 2.5 times more than that of metal rebar and slightly more than that of fiberglass rebar;
— It is lighter, its density is up to 5 times less, which reduces the structural weight;
— Less weight and a possibility to deliver it in coils minimize handling and mounting operations;
+ all the advantages of other kinds of composite rebar.

Production Technology

Basalt is heated to the temperature of about 14000°C. The heated substance is stretched into fibers, then polymeric material is applied as a binding substance. The resulting basalt fiber rebar is run under a squeezer, and depending on the diameter it is either cut into rods, or rolled into coils.


Rebar is the main construction reinforcement element. Traditionally rebar was made of metal. Since there were no alternatives, people tended to ignore disadvantages of metal rebar. Technological revolution in developing composite materials predetermined a break-through in industry. Application of composite materials including basalt fiber rebar saved the industry from a great number of disadvantages connected with using metal.

Prices of basalt fiber reinforced polymer bar

Outer diameter of
reinforcing bars, mm

Price per 1 meter (USD)Meters
in 1 ton of the product
Theoretic weight in 1 meter (kg)
100,000 meters and more
4 50 000 0.02
6 20 000 0.05
8 12 500 0.08
10 8 350 0.12
12 5 000 0.2
14 3 850 0.26
16 2 860 0.35
18 Contracted prices

To order

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