Reinforcement grid START SYSTEM

Patent №171313
Patent №171315

Reinforcement grid START SYSTEM was developed to replace both heavier steel grid structures of similar purpose and regular rebar (both steel and FRP) with its time-consuming and costly on-site tying

Technology of production

High-precision Made In Russia equipment enables perpendicular tying of FRP rods by means of Thermal Welding technology. Tying does not deform bars and enables rigidness of the grid’s geometry. Rods are typically made of ribbed or sand-coated GFRP rebar for better adhesion. Other materials and forms are available upon request.

Functions and Advantages

Composite reinforcement grids START SYSTEM functionally replace steel with a smaller diameter of FRP in reinforcing concrete structures in a number of applications. The advantages are as follows:
- ~35% cost-cutting compared to heavier pre-welded steel grids
- FRP grids are pre-welded so there is no need to tie rebar on-site
- up to 9 times lighter if used with a smaller diameter of FRP
- up to three times stronger in terms of tensile strength
- FRP grids do not corrode and efficiently resist to concrete’s alkaline environment
- extensions enable fast and efficient connection of sheets to form vast even surfaces
- enhanced adhesion with concrete due to ribbed/sanded shape of rods
- grids may be up to 12 meters long which enables enormous speed of installation
- improved, less time-consuming, more comfortable and more cost-efficient logistics with much faster placement around the construction site

Areas of application

-continuous foundations (deep-grid and shallow)
-post footing
-pile-and-slab foundations
-pile-and-post foundations
-elastic foundations
-concrete floors
-concrete foundations for sport grounds
-manufacturing of pre-cast concrete elements
-cast-in-place construction
-various types of concrete road slabs
-reinforcement of road slopes
-open, closed and underground garages and parkings of all types, including these for trucks and industrial equipment
-concrete helicopter pads
-reinforcement of structures in tidal area (seawalls
- ocean, sea, river and lake structures (quays)
-reinforcement of bridge slabs
-reinforcement of pools, fountains, concrete basins
-concrete wells, pipes, drainage and sewage systems
-concrete oil storages
-concrete storages of various chemicals

Substitution of bigger diameter of steel with smaller diameter of GFRP

Reinforcement grid START SYSTEM, rod diameter


6 10
8 12
10 14

Size parameters

Rod diameter, mmDistance between rodsSheet size, mmExtension length, mmSheet weight, kg
6 150*150 5950*2350 375 8,2
8 200*200 5950*2350 425 10,00
10 200*200 5950*2350 425 15,00

START SYSTEM VS STEEL GRID: Example of cost-cutting efficiency at the procurement stage

Product to compare

Cost of one sheet, RUB


Steel Grid
10mm rod, DBW 150*150mm, Sheet size 5950*2350mm
4414 38%
6mm rod, DBR 150*150mm, Sheet size 5950*2350
Steel Grid
112mm rod, DBW 200*200mm, Sheet size 5950*2350mm
4712 33%
8mm rod, DBR 200*200mm, Sheet size 5950*2350
Steel Grid.
14mm rod, DBW 200*200mm,, Sheet size 5950*2350mm
6420 35%
10mm rod, DBR 200*200mm,, Sheet size 5950*2350

*Data is valid for substitution factor in a number of applications

Application examples

Reinforcement of continuous foundation in a private house

Reinforcement of continuous foundation in a 250sq.m. private house. Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region. Pure cost-cutting on procurement and logistics 45 000 RUB.

Reinforcement of pool’s basin.

Reinforcement of pool’s basin. Cost-cutting: 23 000 Rubles. Timesaving: 400% on reinforcement grid preparation works.

More examples of application

To order

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