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There are a lot of companies in Russia that produce reinforcing elements, but only in "Composite Group Chelyabinsk" manufacture of these products is based on applying innovative technologies. Though the company is quite young, it has taken a strong position on the market of products made of composite reinforcing materials.

Thanks to a chosen course, within a short time our company was able to take the leading position in the market of composite reinforcement. We thank for that our professionals who are self-confident and always strive to provide high-quality assistance to our customers. Production of composite reinforcement is a significant part of the market of building materials and so it is going through all the trends related to the dynamics of this industry. The demand for rebar is becoming more selective from year to year, thus making manufacturers of reinforcement develop their products with better physical, chemical and technical properties.

Видеосъемка процесса производства стеклопластиковой арматуры и применения при армировании
бетонной стяжки

The Company "Composite Group Chelyabinsk" produces competitive reinforcement with increased strength and resistance to corrosive influences, which was enabled by use of the innovative technologies patented by the Company. Technical specifications of reinforcement made by the Company allow it to be widely applied both in civil and industrial construction, as well as in strengthening bridges and road fences.

Plastic reinforcement may soon completely replace steel rebar, which accounts for unique properties of the former, namely, first of all, its increased flexibility, light weight, high strength and durability. Composite reinforcement is widely used in concrete industrial and civil buildings, since applying composite rebar provides for significant savings in construction, and most importantly greatly increases the quality of construction works.

The priorities of "Composite Group Chelyabinsk" are: to enter the international market of building materials and to completely replace steel reinforcement, which will allow to significantly reduce construction costs and will eventually lead to more efficient development in the construction field. Today, there are many obstacles in this way caused by habitual thinking typical of a vast majority of construction companies. They are extremely cautious in questions of launching new technologies in construction process.

Use of composite rebar greatly increases lifespan of structures, as well as their overhaul period, due to high corrosion resistance, high strength, especially tensile strength, durability, low density and thermal conductivity. One should also bear in mind that composite rebar is environmentally friendly and flameproof. Besides, it is much cheaper and more affordable than steel rebar.

"Composite Group Chelyabinsk" is a manufacturer of composite materials reinforcement, so our prices are much lower. In addition, we have an individual approach to each customer, which makes it possible to choose an optimum schedule, payment methods and a delivery option.

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