Delivery of Products

Picking up Products from the Warehouse

You may take products from the warehouse situated in Chelyabinsk in Vtoraya Paveletskaya St., Bld. 36/3. Before going to the warehouse, get the pass and the documents in the office situated in Chelyabinsk, 2nd Paveletskaya St., Bld. 36/1, Office 303 Telephone numbers: +7(351)2163300 (ENG).

Shipments by Train, Truck, Air, Sea All over the World

Tell us the shipping address or the destination station by calling +7(351)2163300 (ENG), and experts of "Composite Group Chelyabinsk" will arrange loading and delivery of acquired rebar to the specified address. We provide deliveries by train, truck, air, sea all over the world. Delivery cost is calculated additionally, taking into account the destination point and the selected delivery option. We deliver composite fiberglass rebar and components to almost all countries.

Deliveries by Containers

7779Our company developed a unique loading scheme for dealers. This scheme uses maximally the usable volume of the container. Taking into account the current demand on rebar of different diameters, we propose you shipments by 20-foot containers:

Diameter of reinforcing bars
Amount of reinforcement in the container
under the given arrangement (running meters)
Form of delivery
6 35 000 coils, 60 running meters each
8 45 000
10 33 000
12 6 000 rods, 6 running meters each

Features of 20-foot standard container

Outer 20' 7' 9.25" 8' 6" max. gross weight 52910 lbs
6096 mm 2370 mm 2591 mm 24000 kg
Internal 19' 5.75" 7' 8" 7' 9.75" Form of packaging 4585 lbs 1197.25 cu.ft.
5935 mm 2335 mm 2383 mm 2080 kg 34 cubic meters
Doors 7' 8" 7' 6.25" Max. load ratio 48325 lbs
2335 mm 2292 mm 21920 kg